Chameleon Tea

Chameleon Tea was released in the spring of 2013 presenting the many and varied voices that come out in a song as it comes together. The CD (available on iTunes and CD Baby) has 11 original compositions, music and lyrics by me along with 2 more co-written by the multi-talented actress, singer and writer Patsy Puckett.









Listen to: Chameleon Tea

Listen to: Imogene

Listen to: Roses and Thorns (vocals by Steven Garrigan)

Listen to: Too Much Take Away 

Listen to: Like a Waterfall 

Listen to: The Busking Song (duet with Patsy Puckett)

Listen to: Bitter to Sweet 

Listen to: Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 

Listen to: What Had Happened 

Listen to: Misspelled Love Again 

Listen to: Turn To Me 

Listen to: Big E and Little G

Listen to: Just Asking Why

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